Voluntary Plans


Affordable Solutions for Small to Mid-size Employers  and those with 1099 Independent Contractor Populations.


The Problem

Sometimes comprehensive major medical coverage is either unavailable or unaffordable due to low participation and high, required employer contributions but you need to offer medical coverage to compete for labor.


Is offering no coverage the only solution?


The Solution

Perhaps a limited medical plan may be a solution.


• Plans from $35,000 to $100,000 potential benefit per year

• A cost that ranges approximately 25% to 40% less than major medical

• Guaranteed issue, Group Coverage

• Enrollment options: web, 24/7 telephonic & paper

• Continuation of coverage


These plans DO NOT require:

• Employer Contribution

• Individual Health Underwriting  Information

• COBRA  Administration

• An HHS Waiver


As little as 10 enrolled employees required to initiate coverage*


Limited medical plans are not basic health insurance or major medical coverage. They provide limited coverage for accidents, illness, and specific disease and are generally comprised of a package of group insurance policies which are issued on a separate and non-coordinating basis and include: fixed-indemnity, accident-only, and limited-scope prescription drugs.


High Deductible Plans may also be a potential solution. In those instances we can provide affordable supplemental insurance to cover many of the first-dollar costs under high deductible plans.


These plans DO NOT require:

• Employer contribution

• Health information

* A Quote Request – Standardized Pricing is Available


These plans are HSA compatible. As little as 5 enrolled employees required to initiate coverage.*

Both medical options are available with affordable, voluntary (employee  paid) Supplemental  coverage to expand your benefit offering.


Voluntary products available:

• Dental


• Group term life

• Renter’s coverage
*There may be differences in product availability in some states.