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The Problem With Cash:

If prevailing wage contractors pay all or a portion of the fringe benefit as cash wages, rather than into a bona fide benefit plan, pay roll taxes must be pad in addition to the required fringe amount. Depending on the job classification the additional amount can increase your labor cost by 15 – 30%.


Keep More of What You Earn -

We will develop a savings model given your contractor population specifics, at no cost to you.


Reduce Administrative Overhead -

We work with administrators that specialize in hour banking, reporting, enrollment and communications specific to contract populations within your workforce.


Our retirement plan options include a patented loan process that allows members to borrow only what is needed, when they need it, AND eliminates your administration of loan repayments through payroll deductions.


Let us illustrate how using fringe contributions as part of a retirement plan can help reduce your plan costs.


Maintain Record Keeping and Audit Compliance -

Compliance assistance, Audit support for IRS, DOL and Prime Contractor local compliance officer inquiries and Assistance with certified payroll reports, fringe benefit statements, wage determinations, etc. Let us provide you with an initial review of your current processes.


Stay Flexible –

We can work with your current providers and/or suggest other benefit options, at no additional cost, while making sure you and other Key Employees are also receiving all the retirement benefits you are entitled to under the law.


If the amount of prevailing wage work you have varies throughout the year we can stop contributions to the retirement plan when the job ends and re-start the contributions when the next job begins.


Start seeing results this year. We can implement programs at anytime of the year, typically in 60 days or less.