Cutting Employee Healthcare Costs


Interested in reducing employee health care costs through a research-validated, wellness program?


A key issue with current health and wellness employee outreach is the lack of predictive outcome modeling for employer healthcare cost impact.  However, there are now programs backed by evidence-based research with world-renowned academic institutions such as Duke University Health Systems, University of British Columbia and University of Calgary, that impact primary drivers of claim cost.  With such calculated research already completed, creating an effective and efficient program that appeals to both the employee and the employer is much easier.  Improving employee health and wellness as well as cutting employee health care costs provides a win-win situation.  Emphases in the health and wellness programs include:

  1. Workplace Stress Reduction
  2. Weight Management
  3. Chronic Pain Management
  4. Tobacco Cessation
  5. Relapse Prevention
  6. Diabetes Control
  7. Cognitive Management

Based on scientifically validated outcomes, the programs reduce costs through addressing the root behavioral causes of chronic disease, and provide participants with Internet-based coaching, available anytime, anywhere, to help manage behavior.  Participants may see, hear, speak to, and interact with both the program facilitator as well as other participants to build more personal relationships, which in turn improves success rates.


The delivery mechanism, with rewards built-in as part of your benefit program, has been demonstrated to result in high completion rates, more successful outcomes, and higher participation satisfaction, as well as an 8:1 return on employer investment.  This approach provides an excellent complement to existing health and wellness initiatives – and is guaranteed to make your existing health engagement initiatives even more effective.


For more information on setting up a program to cut employee health care costs, please visit or contact Kathleen Schneider at or at 888-305-1924.