Davis-Bacon and SCA Seminars


Reduce Job and Overhead Costs and Focus on Your Business.


Keep More of What You Earn – Given your contractor population specifics, we can develop a savings model.


Reduce Administrative Overhead – We work with administrators that specialize in hour banking, reporting and communications to contract populations within your workforce.


Record Keeping and Audit Compliance – Compliance assistance, Audit support for IRS, DOL, GC local compliance officer inquiries, Assistance with certified payroll reports, fringe benefit statements, wage determinations, etc.


Flexibility – We can work with your current providers and/or suggest other benefit options, at no additional cost.


If you are an employer with employees working on federal or state government contracts with prevailing wage requirements, please register for one of our webcasts. It could be the most productive 30 minutes you spend this year.


Start Seeing Results This Year.


We can implement programs at anytime of the year, typically in 60 days or less.

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