Solutions for Employers


Affordable Solutions Specific for Your Needs and Your Business.

We understand the challenges created by regulatory uncertainty and increasing budget constraints. We will develop a savings model based on your group needs. Specialized reporting to fulfill your contract requirements will give you the peace of mind of compliance and ensure cost savings at your bottom line.


No matter what type of work environment you have, we can provide benefit products with A+ rated carriers and National networks. Employee enrollment is easy, and can be done without conflict to your annual enrollment process. On-line or off-site assistance is available to assist your benefit staff and create greater efficiencies and savings for you.


Owners and CPAs

Funding – Improve Cash Flow When Needed by Investing in Your Business


Given the tight funding climate individuals are investigating different funding strategies to help minimize debt, enhance cash flow, stimulate business growth and take full advantage of tax benefits.


One approach is to invest your personal 401 (k) and other qualified retirement funds to invest in your business – without taxes, penalties, interest or debt. 


  • Invest funds from a qualified retirement plan into your business.
  • No early distribution taxes or penalties.
  • Applies to new and existing businesses.
  • Can be used to expand the business or provide additional working capital.
  • No business financials are required.
  • Amount and type of retirement funds determine eligibility (Roth IRA ineligible).
  • Up to 100% of existing funds are available for your use.