Your LinkedIn Password May Have Been Compromised



 Recently, a file containing more  than six million passwords  associated with LinkedIn was posted  on the Internet.  While the file does  not include the email addresses or  user names associated with the  accounts, you should assume that the file is in the hands of cyber  criminals who are attempting to crack  the passwords and link them to  legitimate accounts.


Initial reports claiming that the passwords belong to LinkedIn users have been confirmed; however, the incident should be handled as if it impacts all of your internet passwords, especially if using the same password for all of your accounts (from social media sites to online shopping and more).



It is recommended that you do the following as a precautionary measure:


  • Change your LinkedIn password now
  • Change any other online account password that uses the same password as your LinkedIn account, even if the username is different.
  • Ensure that family members who may have used the same password have changed in in all other locations


For helpful information on how to securely use LinkedIn, read the LinkedIn Tip card.  For help on doing the same with other social media websites, read the Facebook, Google+, and Twitter tip cards.